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Why Green Power Associates?

We are first and foremost a New York City, minority-owned Building Performance Institute [B.P.I.] Gold Accredited Company.

We are not your average contractor that comes into your home and insist that a client needs window replacement, a new furnace, or new insulation. We at "GPA" are not trying to sell any product/s, we are trying to identify problems and work with the homeowner to find a solutionto their concerns. We look at the house as a whole system with inter-dependent parts and we understand the many factors that affect the building's comfort, health and efficiency. The endresult is that we may find that the answer is a much more simple cost-effective solution, or we may find a major safety and health issue that would require an expert in that field to take a closer look at the problem. We don’t claim to always have the answer upfront because every
house is unique and every homeowner has different concerns. We really listen to the concerns of the homeowner and will use building science to find the solution that will best resolve those concerns.

Our Method includes the use of diagnostic equipment to test the current efficiency of the building. We use a blower door to measure how leaky the house is, an infrared camera [in some cases] to identify issues in the walls, a duct blaster to find leakage in the furnace duct work. These tools along with many others are integral in helping us determine how the house
is functioning right now. Then as we do the work we can test our progress and make sure we are using our time well to ensure we are making a difference. We stop once we have performed all tests we record the results. This sets a benchmark for the current conditions of the home, also referred to as testing-in. Similarly after corrective measures are performed, i.e. air sealing, caulking, weatherstripping, insulating, we test the results again, this is known as testing-out.

This process of testing-in and testing-out is analogous to a doctor’s visit where the doctor does a complete physical, make a recommendation, then a health care solution is implemented, and the progress is monitored until the treatment has worked. So you have a testing-in, implementing a solution, and then testing out.

A house is like your body is as we stated earlier, a system with inter-dependent parts: the building shell, the boiler/furnace and air conditioner, the duct delivery system, the lighting system, and so on. By looking at all these parts we can figure out how to make the entire system work effectively and efficiently.

Let Green Power Associates heal your home and provide comfort ,health and safety to your lives.

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